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Poet's Life January 2019

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

My Poetry Events and Appearances of 2018 finished with songs from Graham Kendrick’s “The Gift” being performed by the local United Church Choir. I had been asked to write poems to be read in between the songs.

The evening went well, and I enjoyed both singing and listening to others read my poems. It felt extra special listening to others say the words I had written – something that up until the rehearsals I had not experienced before.

It occurs to me that I may well hear others read my poetry when In the Palm of His Hand is published… that really would be fabulous… I have been told some share my poetry in their fellowship and social groups, but to actually hear it would be so encouraging.

As 2018 finished with “commissioned” poetry, 2019 has begun with requests for more.

Amongst these one has been from a fellow writer in a Facebook group asking for help. She wanted to read something at her friend’s funeral. There were many poets willing to help. I am delighted and humbled to say that the piece I wrote after direct messaging for a few details about her friend was described as, “Amazing, you’ve got it just right, that’s what I wanted it to say, that’s amazing."

I have also been asked to write some poetry for a project… but for now, I'm keeping that under wraps. 

Sometimes my poetry is prompted by a photograph or phrase – sometimes both. Going along to Words & Pictures at Riverhead Café, Grimsby inspires. Carolyn Doyley facilitates our poetry group in such a creative, gentle and encouraging way we all write, share, and leave uplifted.

I am always pleased to be asked to write -whether it be for a birthday, an important event,  or just for fun like the one below. Sue Williams who very kindly provided photographs for my book cover and website, spotted the hedgehog in one of her shots and asked me to write a poem about it.

There's something reassuring about a book,

A friend to accompany me wherever I go,

The words upon each page filtering inward,

To bless my mind, my heart and soul.

I love to linger within the crisp pages,

Taking time to absorb and rest within,

For it is with the thoughts of others,

That many of my poems really begin.

I learn from the wisdom I am reading,

Prompted to think deeper and concentrate,

Allowing my imagination to be fed,

Within the early hours, or when it’s late.

I am also inspired to write by nature,

The wonders of God's creation outdoors,

The experience of smell, sound and touch,

I relish opportunity to all wider explore.

Looking at the creatures of the woods,

And of the gardens and streets nearby,

There is one that intrigues and draws me,

With its manner, appearance and cry.

The Hedgehog or Hedgpig as I call it,

Reflects misconceptions I believe,

On the one hand it is seemingly prickly,

Yet in truth affectionate and soft beneath.

As with books that are judged by covers,

There are judgements made so very fast,

And the appearance of people sadly,

Is something many struggle to get past.

Instead of waiting and being welcoming,

Quickly opinion and prejudice cast,

And even if proven to be incorrect,

First impressions are the ones that last.

As in this New Year people set resolutions,

I do pray that at least some would consider,

To try to stop being dismissive and cruel,

And be more loving and of good a preserver.

Within the picture posted I am reminded,

Of the joy of books generously given to me,

And of my hope that in some way I may help,

Someone who reads my pondering in poetry.

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