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Poet’s Life: Getting to Know

During the last few days of December I felt compelled to write. Within just a couple of days over 2000 words appeared on the page, including 6 poems. I have discovered how difficult it is for me to have a break from writing. It is an addiction or affliction. I have now written several more poems and have begun drafting ideas for future publications. Spurred on by the success of both In the Palm of His Hand and No Ordinary King during 2019 I am looking forward to 2020 publications, and of getting to know myself a little more.

Dear Kate, (aged 53 years 97 days 14 hours)

I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed getting to know you better during the last 18 months. I had thought I knew you quite well, but as you have recounted memories from your childhood through your teens, and each decade to now I have realised that being familiar with, is not the same as knowing someone. I was there when you put your first milk tooth under your pillow, when you heard of the death of one friend just a few weeks before you saved the life of another. I was there when you….well you know when I was there….I was there, but it is only recently that I have been able to reflect on significant life events and consider them more fully – mindfully so to speak or as you would say, ‘holistically’. In acknowledging the emotional rollercoaster of a ride you have had I feel I have a greater understanding of what has helped mould you into the person that you have become emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Few people have the opportunity, as I have, to really get to know someone. It has taken time; there have been tears, laughter, surprises, and revelations. I value every minute, every story, and every insight.

I am relieved to be assured that there is more to explore with you, and that our friendship will be further nurtured through more reminiscence and in simply living the coming days. I am sure that I will learn much from you. I will be encouraging you to continue to apply the wise advice you give to others to yourself.

Kate, I am so pleased you try to be kind to yourself, just as you urge others to be. It is good to see that when you are tempted to self doubt, beat yourself up for having not done something or because you think you could have phrased something differently, you remember to tell yourself that no one is perfect and all you can do is your best in any moment in time.

Your affirming mantra that you are loved by God, by friends and family is important. I hope that my love will warm your heart too.

Kate. (aged 53 years 97 days 14 ½ hours)

A sure way of you getting to know me is by reading my memoir 'His Guiding Hand' available soon...

I hope that just as the New Year has begun so positively for me, there are positive and exciting times ahead for you too.


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