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Poet’s Life: His Guiding Hand

His Guiding Hand released January 2020

It has been a year of highs and lows. There have been some periods of time when I have been so full of energy I have appeared to be akin to ‘Tigger on Speed’, and at others I have been quiet and contemplative. Throughout the year I have written more poetry than in the preceding two decades, and it feels like there is much more to come too.

My blog has been put on the back burner as I have concentrated in the main on my memoir which was signed off just two days ago to writing this blog. So, as I write I am filled with the waiting anticipation of seeing my next book in print. The feeling is very much like the one I had as a child each Christmas Eve.

Waiting and wanting the time to pass,

The hours of sleep to come and go,

Hoping that Santa will have delivered,

What I’d listed so that he’d know.

Pleased to wake early in the night,

To open and peer inside the box,

Knowing that all I would enjoy,

Packaged by Mrs Claus’ fair touch.

Happy to sit and just look at treats,

Not wanting the moment to rush by,

Mindful of the whole year to now wait,

Causing me to pause and to sigh.

Strange the dichotomy of my thoughts,

Wishing my life in part away,

Yet in truth my heart and mind,

Wanting everything the same to stay.

The thing about highs and excitement is that they are often transitory. Christmas seems to become New Year and then ‘just an ordinary day’ very quickly. I believe that within or alongside the ordinary many extraordinary moments exist. There are subtle yet often perfect details during the day that fill me with excitement even on the most difficult of days. It is these that turn every day into Christmas for me. It is these that I describe as God-incidences, where God with His perfect timing places His Hand in blessing, in guidance, and also in teaching.

'Advent - a time of great expectation.'

Watch out for news of ‘No Ordinary King’ a collection of 15 poems in celebration of the season, and for other small publications as I share more of my own experiences of God’s guiding hand in my life with you.I look forward to sharing more with you during 2020.

My memoir His Guiding Hand will be with stockists in January and some small poetry collections are already being put together for later in the year too.

I wish to you all a blessed Christmas,


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