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Poet's Life: Leap for Joy

February 12th I took delivery of copies of my memoir His Guiding Hand – holding this in my hand felt very different to holding my poetry collection In the Palm of His Hand, somehow with this being my story, told in my way, I suddenly felt I could refer to myself as a true Author. I am very grateful to all who have helped me tell my story…that is my story so far.

As we know, in a Leap Year there is an extra day in February. I am very pleased to have this in way of a rest day before a very busy month ahead of me.

With book related activities on 8 days, writing groups on 3 days, art groups on 2 days , sign language sessions or activities on 4 days ( 9th, 14th,27th 28th , 29th ) and church activities on 9 days, as well as a couple of other activities, there will be very few days of complete rest until 30th and 31st March.

I am feeling very upbeat about the month ahead – the busyness is because I like to be busy. My heart is lifted and I literally leap for joy with excitement when life is filled with activities. I especially enjoy writing related activities so with poetry and writers groups, talks and book signings I am one happy Poet... That is as long as I have some time alone too.

Lent continues throughout March – a time for rest, recharge and reflection.

This year I have chosen to turn off my television completely during the weekdays of Lent. I will be relying on the radio for news updates. I do not watch an excessive amount of television, in fact, I am very selective about what I watch and when. However, I think time without the distraction of television will ensure I will rest more.

In resting I will be ready for the start of each new day – I will leap onward, and to a degree, like a coiled spring, upwards too.

There will be many walks with Dottie during March. Dottie and I will walk in silence and though moving I will somehow rest and recharge as much as I do when sleeping. I have often heard poetry whilst walking.

On Sunday 1stMarch I will begin 31 days of writing Poetry of the Sole. I invite you to walk alongside me as I explore my faith, my place in the world, and what appears to be my calling. Walk with me #WalkWithMe

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