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Poet’s Life: Onwards and Upwards June 2019

Kate Brumby, Book Tour 2019

I have had a wonderful tour with my debut poetry collection, 'In the Palm of His Hand'. Since it’s launch on 19th March 2019, I have delivered 14 talks and had 7 book signing events.

During talks alongside poems from my collection I share some that have yet to be published. I aim to provide a balance of humour and food for thought to entertain and inspire others.

My Comments Book contains some lovely encouraging feedback...

“Very enjoyable afternoon – interesting setting and thought-provoking poetry."

“Thank you. I have read your poetry when I have needed some help."

“Thank you for a special pleasant afternoon. So many poems struck a chord or gave a challenge."

“Love your style and the stories you tell produce such vivid imagery."

“Inspiring poetry delivered with a human touch."

“A very moving and thoughtful poetry book of ups and downs of life and how we deal with life through the faith of God."

“What a lovely inspiring talk and such varied subjects. A natural flare."

“A very different evening with entertaining poetry reading by an amusing poet. Very enjoyable."

“This afternoon has wetted my appetite to read the book. Congratulations – looking forward to the next one."

The writer of the last comment will be pleased to hear that my next book, 'His Guiding Hand – a Memoir of a Poet' will be available mid October 2019. I have brought together over 120 poems within the telling of events of my life so far.

I am delighted to be working with Daisa & Co again. I also have other books planned including a resource for people needing help following loss – be it bereavement, employment, or other life event causing grief. I hope to have more news of this in the Spring of 2020.

I hope to also have news of the launch of 'In the Palm of His Hand' as an Audiobook very soon. In addition to writing books, I am looking at hymn writing and the production of greetings cards and inspiring posters.

To quote the title of the last section of His Guiding Hand.... 'Onwards and Upwards!'

Aimee (Editor), Kate & Jade (Commissioning Editor) on Publication Day

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