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Poet's Life: Mother's Day March 2019

Joan Brumby, my Mum reading In The Palm of His Hand - I dedicated the book to her

It will be Mothering Sunday 31st March but in many ways the launch of In the Palm of His Hand on Tuesday 19th March marked my appreciation of my own Mum.

In dedicating my debut book to her I wanted to let her know how much she means to me. I am very grateful to both my Mum Joan Brumby and my Pops Fred Brumby for the way they have, in very different ways, instilled a ‘can-do’ attitude in me. Their encouragement and generosity of time, resources and care have helped me experience many hobbies and interests from sports including rowing to music; including the playing of not just one but five instruments.

I was not blessed with a child – if I had been, I would have endeavored to be a Mum very much like my own.

Since the launch just a few days ago there have been several messages and phone calls of congratulations – interestingly In the Palm of His Hand has arrived just nine months after I submitted some of my writing to Daisa & Co for consideration. The launch seems akin to a metaphorical birth.

I hold up my book anticipating positive and complimentary comments, much like a new mother holding up their baby!

My days are full of book related tasks – confirming bookings for talks and signings, and the updating of social media with these and other news, as well as telephone calls and visits to potential stockists.

I am pleased to say that there are currently three stockists with others happy to order books on demand, some local libraries also have copies available and international sales are also possible.

As I write there are several copies of In the Palm of His Hand on their way to America and to Papua New Guinea.

I am thoroughly enjoying the ‘buzz’ and excitement there is about my book. I am also enjoying some quieter time alone – time to take stock, relax, and also write. It is my writing that recharges me. Whilst writing I loose myself in time and enter a place where I feel most at home.

Somehow when I put pen down to my paper,

The words tumble outwards there from me,

You’d think with Dyslexia it’d be difficult,

Yet writing comes surprisingly smoothly.

I just let my thoughts flow downwards,

Upon the pages or sometimes onto a screen,

Like bubbles floating to the top of water,

Things rise upwards in faith and in belief.

In my life there have been challenges,

But reassured in poetry I am consoled,

And never when I’ve had something to say,

Have the sentences from me been withheld.

It is as though as I let go God takes over,

Showing me each direction then to take,

Seldom does my creative juice dry up,

Though spelling errors I often make.

Today is a testament to my journey so far,

And it also marks what is yet to come,

So many more verses and writing to do,

Before the Author of my life calls me Home.

There is much more that I need to write. One book does not feel enough – I have a yearning for more. Though In the Palm of His Hand is ‘newly-born’ I hope to soon deliver a full manuscript to Daisa & Co of my second book 'His Guiding Hand – a memoir of a Poet'. This is a combination of narrative and poetry.

I am, as usual, as is my way, to be mindful and enjoy the here and now of course.

I celebrate In the Palm of His Hand toasting with a large mug of tea – nothing alcoholic for me. I toast my book, and I also toast my Mum, and Mums all over the world.

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