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Poet's Life: Commissioned

May has been a busy month with the completion of the first draft of my next book 'His Guiding Hand', some talks and book signing events, and also some commissions for poetry.

I have really enjoyed writing His Guiding Hand which will be published by Daisa & Co in October. A combination of narrative and poetry, 'His Guiding Hand' is a memoir of my life to date. Someone recently commented on a memoir at the age of 52 years being a bit premature... My answer was that a lot has happened in 52 years! There may well be a sequel in a couple of decades and I have a title in mind already.

The thing about being a writer for me is that there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of putting my thoughts on paper. There are so many poems to be written – God willing they will be and I'll be able to continue to share them with others via my blog, social media, books, and talks.

Back in 1990, a friend told me how important sharing my writing was to her and the other members of our church fellowship group. This has been echoed more recently by Beta Readers and also by people who have attended my talks or picked up my first title 'In the Palm of His Hand'.

I have been delighted and humbled in equal measure during May with requests for poetry – a funeral, a church service, and a marriage. As always, it is my pleasure to write.

Life is full of events and occurrences,

That we wish to mark with words,

It is my great joy when I am asked,

To create for someone some verse.

Poetry somehow sums up so much,

In a succinct yet descriptive way,

Marking so many joys and dreams,

An anniversary or a special day.

Verse whether it rhymes or does not,

Can speak of delight or love to uplift,

Others more sorrowful in nature,

Prompt thoughts that are pensive.

As long as I am able I will continue to write; I am happy to respond to the commission to put pen to paper, and share poetry.

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