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Poet's Life: Awards and Rewards April 2019

Trowell Writers Open Poetry Competition 2009

I wonder if there is an award for busy Authors or for having a Creative Poet Corner.

Life has certainly been busy both here in Poetry Corner where I write and out and about too.

Between 20th March and 20th April I had 11 events – 4 of these were book signings, and the other 7 were talks. I have another 5 events booked during May, and 5 more during June.

In between the events I have been working on my next book – 'His Guiding Hand' is a mixture of narrative and poetry. With a couple of weeks until my next event I am really enjoying using the time to be more focused on writing.

Writing often soothes me.

Like the blossoming of a new flower,

Like the unfurling of a bird’s wings,

The words emerge upon my page,

Somehow they rise from deep within.

I have no power over their timing,

No control of when or how they come,

I only know that as I write them down,

My heart sighs as though finding its home.

As I write the sun is streaming on to my desk, and to my left Classic FM provides me with beautiful music that helps avoid my mind wondering. I love to be surrounded with books. I have lots of pens and scrap paper in easy reach so that I jot down ideas and job lists.

My writing is eased with my new acquisition of an extra pair of glasses which help with mid-version. These glasses we recommended when I described the position of my computer monitor. I am so grateful to my Optician and his staff.

My Creative Poet Corner

A small trophy I won in the 2009 Trowell Writers Open Poetry Competition sits on a shelf along with thank you cards from groups and from Readers.

The greatest reward worth more than any award has been hearing and reading some lovely comments from people who have either been to an event or are currently reading 'In the Palm of His Hand'. It is both humbling and pleasing in equal measure to know that my poetry comforts, inspires, and helps others.

I have also received pre-orders for 'His Guiding Hand'.

So, I guess I had better get back to my manuscript if I am to have it finished for 12th May so that publication can be set for October. It is only 5 months to National Poetry Day! It would be great to have a book launch on 3rd October.

Happy reading, and to those who love to write – enjoy that too.


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