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Writing my biography for an author website is far from what I expected to be doing in my 50's. As a child I found writing and reading very difficult – so much so an Educational Psychologist was asked to assess me.

My parents were told my IQ was above average and that I had Dyslexia.


In the 1970’s little was known about Dyslexia. However, I have my teachers to thank for their creative homework. The repetitive writing down of all the words that I could think of starting or ending with particular sounds, and then writing full pages of the words I had initially spelled incorrectly helped me to learn not only to spell, but memorize rhyme too.


Oh how I love technology which helps me with both my writing and reading - my Kindle, or in truth, Kindles provide me with accessible books that I can listen to whilst doing household chores, the internet and software that aids spelling is marvellous.

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